Our rates for the summer 2015 season are as follows:



kos windsurfing rates

Our rates include the following services:

  • Use of board – rig – harness or life jacket
  • Use of rented equipment by one person only. Before letting someone else use your equipment, please talk to us first
  • Trimming assistance
  • Rig and/or board change (if available)
  • Liability insurance (will not cover damage on rented equipment)
  • Bay watch
  • Rescue boat services, standing by
  • Explaining basic rules such as priorities, sailing limits etc

Children under 18 years old: Young guns are welcome - guardian’s presence, consent and sole responsibility is required.

Note: Please note that we have the right to refuse our services to anyone we consider not fitted for windsurfing for reasons such as intoxication, insufficient swimming abilities, personal injury, poor health, history of violence or vandalism or any other reason we might consider important.