About Us

Blue O Windsurfers is a logical outcome, considering the fact that we spend most of our time windsurfing, or introducing people we care for to this easy going, fun lifestyle.

Paul is a dedicated windsurfer, always on his board whenever the wind blows. R.Y.A. training has made things pretty simple and fail proof for introducing newcomers to the sport. Paul’s basic motto is “Time spent windsurfing is the best time investment one can think of”. As long as you are healthy, and able to swim, Paul will make sure you enjoy windsurfing at any level, at any age. Effortless blasting, and sweet planning gybes are his favourite windsurfing moments.

  Angelo is a radical windsurfer. His R.Y.A. training and in-water experience will drag novice, intermediate and even advanced windsurfers to the next level. Although in the back of his mind he’d rather work on his freestyle tricks and forward loops riding some extra windy wave spots, he’ll be more than glad to get to know you and join you to your windsurfing quest for improvement.

We finally came to our senses and decided to spend all day on the beach without feeling guilty… Beware; the same thing may happen to you, if you taste the essence of windsurfing!